Energetic Experiences

Unexplainable energetic transfers have occurred in my sensitive times.  One night while I was at home I started to have the most beautiful feeling in my core (around my solar plexus/stomach) I was in the kitchen my family was talking in jumbled, garbled, gibberish.  I ignored that and started to pay attention to what was happening within me. I hardly interacted with my family and I am not sure if I would of been able to anyway. This portal of energy that I was experiencing was so profound I just went into my room and lied on my back experiencing what I can only explain as the most beautiful energy you could possibly imagine. I compare this feeling to energy that would be used to create life – beyond love or ecstasy. 

As I laid on my bed I started to notice little white gnats dancing in silly circles above my head underneath the chandelier on the ceiling.  They must of been coming through the screens of my open windows somehow so I got up and closed both windows, turned the TV on and there was a special all about the band called The Greatful Dead.  I watched and listened. The music only enhanced the feeling of awe this energy in my core was bringing to me.  I felt connected to this plane of existence in a different way.

This is some of the music I got to enjoy that night 😁

Now here is the part I don’t ever tell anyone. When I laid back down on my bed I started seeing even more little white gnats. I closed the windows so where are they all coming from? I stared at one while it came down close to my body gravitating towards my core. All of a sudden it was gone. Hmm didn’t think much of it while I focused on another gnat. This one flew close down to my stomach and when it was about three inches away it just vanished. Trick of the eye I thought. Then looking right above my stomach, one just all of a sudden appears! I stared in disbelief as I watched these little beings appear and disappear right in front of me.


So disclaimer: I was not on any hallucinogenic drugs or drinking alcohol.

I feel that I was given this amazing experience to show me that there is much more to this reality then what others try to limit me to. This felt like an energetic portal. And then all of a sudden I am actually seeing living beings appear and disappear like they are being transported through an energetic portal.

When Energy is not bliss…

The first night I laid in a foreign hospital bed I could feel the energy of the tortured souls that had lied there years before me.  This energy felt vile and alive, like it was feeding off of my essence.  It tried to violate every aspect of any peace with in me.  It felt like a hundred hands grouping me and someone was moving my energy around controlling it with magnets and buzzers probing all over my body.  I thought if I told anyone of how this truly feels no one would believe me.

This demonic rape of my soul went on for the majority of the night.  I laid there frozen and felt like there was nothing I could do.  After that night I never felt anything energetically as horrible as this experience again but it sure opened my eyes to different kinds of energy.

So yes I am sensitive.  Mentors have told me to create a glass bubble around me so that you can block what energy you don’t want to partake in. But I found through my own experience that when I feel energy, I let the feeling come in, I observe it, if I don’t like it, I just let it keep on passing right through me and I don’t absorb it.  I used to feel crappy energy and then store it like it was mine.  Outside energy sometimes would destroy my balance for days.

When you are in a situation that doesn’t feel good

A good exercise for anyone.

  • Observe – how does this feel? Do I want to partake?
  • Awareness is Key! – you don’t have to get swept up into it like the tornado it is.
  • Then let the energy fly right by you – I see you… Hi. Okay. Bye.

When you consciously decide to watch the energies you partake in it is such a game changer for keeping yourself healthy.

Published by katerehanna

I have hid and been ashamed most of my adult life... when in actually I am a unique beautiful being that has many insights on how not to die from shock and multiple allergic reactions. I have saved myself. I am here today because I chose to be here.

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