• Energetic Experiences
    Unexplainable energetic transfers have occurred in my sensitive times.  One night while I was at home I started to have the most beautiful feeling in my core (around my solar plexus/stomach) I was in the kitchen my family was talking in jumbled, garbled, gibberish.  I ignored that and started to pay attention to what wasContinue reading “Energetic Experiences”
  • Being a functional sensitive person
    I have met a lot of beautiful people and have witnessed too many of them suffer to the point where they would rather take their own life then continue to endure this reality. 💔 One thing that has happened to me a lot in my lifetime is when people see change or think you haveContinue reading “Being a functional sensitive person”
  • Choose Happiness
    For me it’s the little things – the wag of a dog’s tail – other people’s happiness. My brain looks at the smallest details and that is what makes me smile inside and out. I giggle to myself many times throughout the day. I am not searching for others to fulfill my life with joy.Continue reading “Choose Happiness”
  • Videos to watch/listen 😁
    Here are some videos of music and inspiration that I really enjoy. ❤
  • Life’s too good to be TRUE
    I look at my life and smile. Through my eyes I have seen so much beauty that I have often wished somehow that I could of captured all that I saw because no one would possibly believe it. Words can not express… and I have found it hard to continue writing this blog. I haveContinue reading “Life’s too good to be TRUE”

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