• To have or have not
    I wanted to get married and have children in a home that was inviting with love and puppy dogs. I know now marriage was not my path, children were not either. But I was given a glimpse of the most beautiful being that has ever crossed my path. I am excited to tell you aboutContinue reading “To have or have not”
  • The Creative Spark!
    I have never seen an artist quite like Mario Nevado (artwork above). Every single painting or picture he produces is different. Lots of emotion, like pouring his soul out for everyone to see. Isn’t that what all artists strive to do – I love seeing all art. It’s like when I take a walk inContinue reading “The Creative Spark!”
  • Who Art thou… Part II
    When I was little I moved to a different school district. I joined a club that focused on creating art in different ways. If you felt frustrated one thing they said to do is take crayons and scribble as hard as you could and at the end you would have a really bright picture heavilyContinue reading “Who Art thou… Part II”
  • How do you deal with Scars?
    I have tried to block memories of my really good friend Ajh. Every time someone walks by looking really nice, with a hat on I look twice because that was Ajh. Style was not the only thing that brings Ajh back to me. Pain does. How much she must of hurt. How much I hurt.Continue reading “How do you deal with Scars?”
  • Energetic Experiences
    Unexplainable energetic transfers have occurred in my sensitive times.  One night while I was at home I started to have the most beautiful feeling in my core (around my solar plexus/stomach) I was in the kitchen my family was talking in jumbled, garbled, gibberish.  I ignored that and started to pay attention to what wasContinue reading “Energetic Experiences”

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