Being a functional sensitive person

I have met a lot of beautiful people and have witnessed too many of them suffer to the point where they would rather take their own life then continue to endure this reality. 💔

One thing that has happened to me a lot in my lifetime is when people see change or think you have changed they want to keep you.  Sometimes (like the picture above) you graduate to a higher version of yourself.  No matter what you say or do no one can see your path but you.

I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes.

– William C. Hannan

How do you function in a society that doesn’t like change? Anything that is out of their standards are looked down upon. One judgement of you, a lie, one moment, and all of a sudden you are shunned and are now leper to society.

The fact is society doesn’t want to talk about suicide, mental health or what goes on behind closed doors. What about friendship? Some of my closest friends chose to walk away with out even a conversation to try to understand me. No compassion from your closest friends – the ones you call sisters…


So if family and friends are not willing to even sit down and talk with you, what do you do? Unfortunately this is easily when people say why….? Why would I want to stay in this reality?

When I was seven years old, I was so upset with life I laid on my bedroom floor and scratched my leg until I bled.  Afterwards looking at my self inflicted wound I realized that was not the way, and vowed to never hurt myself intentionally again.  Little did I know at the time how important and beautiful that promise to myself was.

As I got older and my life was finally starting to shape into exactly everything I wanted… that’s when my world crumbled to the point where I was no longer recognizable to myself. At the lowest point of my life I was so toxed out from the “new meds” (that were supposed to help me) the toxicity sent me into shock and death came to me… and I said – No.  I wanted to stay here to potentially show others what I have seen.

And even if people do not see, just being by here, living, will help this world because if everything is energy the more love and happiness I create in my life will radiate out into the world 🥰 🌎 ✨️

When I find myself bothered by things that have happened in my life I have tried not to think or dwell.  One of the best stories my friend told me is that when he went hitch hiking across America (yah know back when you could do fun stuff like that) his friend would come across something he didn’t want to think about and put his hand up and pull the chain like flushing a toilet – like the toilets over in Europe. It is just that easy. 😁 And it is!

To put things in Perspective

✨️ Nightbirde ✨️

Nightbirde’s beauty has touched my soul. It felt like I was up there on stage singing one of the many lyrics that I have written down and burned. Take time to listen to your friend’s and family they are a gift.

It is okay to feel sad, cry, and express your emotions.

  Definition of loneliness:

Is not due to finding yourself alone, loneliness is due to not having someone to share what is important to you in life.

I don’t have all the answers but I am still here to talk and listen and spread compassion like confetti on New Years Eve.

Published by katerehanna

I have hid and been ashamed most of my adult life... when in actually I am a unique beautiful being that has many insights on how not to die from shock and multiple allergic reactions. I have saved myself. I am here today because I chose to be here.

One thought on “Being a functional sensitive person

  1. Hi Lynn,

    I read your last two blogs & just wanted to share a couple of my thoughts with you.

    #1 I love you so much! You are an amazing young lady & I feel so eternally thankful to have met you! I care about you deeply, I hope you know that, but another reminder to you in case you were not sure. I truly do want to and hope to be able to spend more time with you. We just have to plan it & make it happen. Life is too short & these things are important to me. I am here for you, always and if there is ever anything you need that I can help with…I will! You always have my love & support.

    #2 You spoke about loneliness and that has been a big life struggle for me. It goes all the way back to being a little girl and my dad not being in place in the ways he should have been for us. He was either working or gambling. I saw him a couple of weeks ago when I went back to attend my nephews wedding and it was really hard for me, stirred up lots of emotions. I have always felt pretty alone growing up, then in a challenging marriage that I questioned the “love” within the 1st year and then in my last relationship, I was far from the priority. All of them left me feeling that I was not special, not that important and tossed aside easily, quite disposable. I still long for a love that I do not question, one that is shared & reciprocated. I so desire to have someone to share in some of those awesome things in life, a night by the campfire looking at the stars. My heart has longed for that too long.I have come to accept it the best I can, but it leaves me with a sadness of not knowing what that feels like. You are so fortunate to have Victor!

    #3 I 100% agree with you that showing people kindness and love flows beautifully into the world. We will never really know the impact that it will carry, but we can trust it is good.

    #4 I love you so much, you did a beautiful job writing down your thoughts & feelings! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!


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