Choose Happiness

For me it’s the little things – the wag of a dog’s tail – other people’s happiness. My brain looks at the smallest details and that is what makes me smile inside and out. I giggle to myself many times throughout the day. I am not searching for others to fulfill my life with joy. I create a world with in. It truly is so beautiful that I am amazed at the low threshold for the feeling of joy i have cultivated.

What is joy? Is joy always something to seek? I have seen a lot of others be on a constant search for this unattainable happiness. It is so unsettling for them that they often tell me they feel empty inside. There is nothing wrong with change and quests to improve your life but there comes a point where if you don’t do the work with in and just keep on looking else where – in others, in new acquired things, some day you will realize all the nick nack pattie wacks in the world can not fill your soul with what you truly need.

What inspires you? What gives you the drive and a fulfillment in life? What things in your life do you look forward to, and what makes you happy?

I will tell you one thing that has really brightened up my life is this little kitten! πŸ₯°

πŸ’• Introducing Key πŸ’•

Key found me. I was dog sitting for a friend and one of the pups started to wander behind the machine shed. I went around back to get the pup closer to the house and this little bit of a kitten walks up to me wet and covered in motor oil!!! We brought her in the house and gave her some food and 6 baths 😳. She was so exhausted… she is a very appreciative and loving little kitten and she has brought so much joy and love. Please watch the first part of our story in this short video πŸ₯° ⬇️

I was blessed by Key
❀ Key loves going for hikes ❀

So even when the world is really heavy with confusion, bitterness and you feel isolated you don’t need a kitten to bring you joy. But as you can see a kitten sure can help.

So what do you do when things are not going so well? Since I am really sensitive to energy (Empathic) sometimes in certain situations I do get caught up and bogged down. Something that has helped me so much and I try to incorporate in my daily activities is The Six Heart Virtues.

Appreciation β€’ Compassion β€’ Humility

Forgiveness β€’ Understanding β€’ Valor

β€œWhat one can express through their heart is gold to the iron of the mind.” The gold, in this case, is the ability to express the six heart virtues in tandem, separately, or as an ensemble team to the various situations that life unveils. It is learning to modify your actions based on these six virtues and observing how they re-calibrate your value system, re-vitalize your energy and creativity, and re-coup your sense of balance and emotional poise.

In doing this, you not only apply your emotional energies for the purpose of creating and maintaining a coherent personal state, but you also create a coherent field around you; a field that touches and intersects with others through the principles of quantum entanglement, resonance, coherence, and non-locality. The energies of our emotional field are real and interconnected in a vast assemblage of intention and information that is near boundless in its embrace.

– Excerpt from Living From the Heart
Click on picture to
The Six Heart Virtues

What do I mean… incorporate these values in my life? When I am in any situation I can go to a virtue and bring that into my life almost like I am reaching in to my tool bag for tools. Forgiveness has been a huge one for me. The first time I truly understood to forgive myself I cried. This is not an outward process even though using these Virtues everyway possible helps. It’s a beautiful way for you to be able to do inner work. By feeling compassion for myself or others it brings me out of dense energy I don’t want to partake in. First step – (really) is being aware of your energy/feelings.

Let’s just say this, you can be happy in any situation. Having a tool bag and a kitten will help. Never let anyone bring you down – really the only downer is thinking that others can have that much power over you. No one will take my smile away but me. Good luck trying πŸ˜‰

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I have hid and been ashamed most of my adult life... when in actually I am a unique beautiful being that has many insights on how not to die from shock and multiple allergic reactions. I have saved myself. I am here today because I chose to be here.

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