The Creative Spark!

I have never seen an artist quite like Mario Nevado (artwork above). Every single painting or picture he produces is different. Lots of emotion, like pouring his soul out for everyone to see. Isn’t that what all artists strive to do – I love seeing all art. It’s like when I take a walk in the woods, the peace and joy/tranquility that it brings me I am sure a lot has to do with the negative ions from nature that are actually healing my body. There is artwork all around it is only available to you if you choose to perceive it that way. I feel that looking or experiencing a piece of artwork can actually have the same peaceful/tranquil effects on my health, almost as good as petting a puppy or seeing a new baby lamb born so tiny that you can’t even comprehend how that the little guy is real because you didn’t think they could be that small…

Shh…. Don’t tell anyone but I guess the cat is will be out of the bag soon. I am making a game for my nephews. So don’t tell them especially. 😉 It started with looking for inspirational pictures online. I figured out my theme and the majority of what I wanted to include. Now I just have to figure out what the cards will say and draw out the game board. It should be a pretty fun game – I want to play it!

<—– Dragons are magical and something good will be written in the white space. I am excited!

A few things that have changed my world with in the past few years. I have discovered how the advancement in technology makes it so easy to print and make things that you never could. There are print on demand shops like Red Bubble, Printify, and indi publishing companies… a million other websites so it is now easier then ever before to create art and share it with the world. My good friend suggested I try a new Artificial Intelligence program called Wonder. You give prompts to the computer program and even pictures if you want to and with in seconds you can make out of this world artwork! Here are some of my recent creations. This AI program will definitely help me make this game and others for my nieces and nephews. I even want to make a coloring book.

Check out some of my recent AI powered creations below…

Where Mice Meet the Sea is Published!

I even got a chance to help publish a book. I hope one of many to come. It was such a fun process and it is funny because I have tried to author and produce my own book but there is so much to do to be able to produce it how you envision it.

Victor Orne is the author I had the privilege to work with and he envisioned his book a certain way and I am happy that he waited till it was the right time to publish. Independent publishing has revolutionized the book world! Where Mice Meet the Sea I can proudly say is a beautiful book with many layers for all ages. Check out our new website:

Last but not least… I Love sending Snail Mail!

I write to my nieces and nephews, friends, family, even people I have never met face to face. I make letters, journals, and I am up to 146 postcards in my 90 days of postcard sending event. Of course I did not actually complete my goal of sending postcards every day for the 90 straight days but it is fun finding new postcards and making my own. If you want a pen pal or have any suggestions in the adventures of writing or creating I would love to hear about it and write you back. Hope to hear from you. Now go out and do something you love and be creative about it. ❤ 😀

Please email me back on this blog here or directly at:

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