Heal Trauma?

This past month I got an infection this made the levels of my medication go down to an un-theraputic point. It was hard for me to sleep. Songs started playing in my head like a broken records. It was a struggle to make it through to the next day.

I am from Upstate NY and when I was young I listened to a band called Section 8. Here is a sample of their music below…

I was a lot different when I was younger…

Section 8 was my favorite band. But in recent years I have cast them aside. On July 3rd I went to work enjoying the day and all of a sudden a part of a section 8 song came into my head. Fighting hearing this song the night prior, I started to fight it again and then I just decided to give in. I just let go and one 8 second part played like a broken record for over 10 minutes. At first I start to freak out then about 15 minutes in I hear Darth Vader say “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.” Instantaneously I see my brother James laughing like he was playing a joke on me.

You Prick! I think. And start to laugh too. This kind of blew me away because you really need the light and the dark-side.

Then a gift happened my brother Matt started to sing to me.

“Mom and Dad don’t fight at the table, I didn’t know whats wrong and what is right… just keep in mind that we are right here yeah… Oh it’s a scar that stays inside. Inside.”

Matt continued to sing to me till tears streamed down my face. I have never really been able to cry. Thanks Matt for that much needed release.

On the way home from work Matt and my brothers were with me. James smiling about how Darth Vader kicks ass. And Matt singing my favorite song he wrote… Some of the lyrics – Stuck in this Prison, Release me from this cage…. All bottled up with in… You fill me with Rage!

Jack do you believe this? Who cares if anyone does. I could not fight a broken record in my head so I end up enjoying it instead. That day I was able to change the broken record some of the time. It was like my brain was trying to help me through trauma.

For the rest of the day I felt overwhelmed with Love and appreciation. This was the song that kept repeating and I am thankful for that!


Published by katerehanna

I have hid and been ashamed most of my adult life... when in actually I am a unique beautiful being that has many insights on how not to die from shock and multiple allergic reactions. I have saved myself. I am here today because I chose to be here.

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