Think Outside the Box

My parents divorce took a toll on not only me, but the whole family. I had to move to a new school which was actually a blessing in disguise. It was a good school and they offered a program called:

Click on the picture above to go to their website

I loved their Motto – “Think Outside of the Box” Participating in group games and activities (like trying to get an egg from point A to point B with out touching it or breaking it. You could only use 3 toothpicks and a bottle cap – you know like Macgyver style.) šŸ˜‰ It forced me to work with people as a whole and really shaped how I think to this day… I am always looking at things from all different ways and I listen to other peoples ideas and have gone down many rabbit holes.

So is this where it all started then? I was encouraged to be different – even applauded. But wait when I became an adult being different was looked at as a bad thing… My life falling perfectly into my hands and then destroyed because I was TOO happy… ?

Video made by Fearless Soul

If you enjoyed that video as much as I did check out Fearless Soul’s Website. Click on the picture below:

True Inspiration. Thank you – Fearless Soul

I am like no one else, I am unique. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I am the one who does not fit in with my family. I think differently because I choose to. For instance when I was in high school, I was right handed but I started taking notes with my left hand. I wanted to become ambidextrous and also saw that being able to use both of your hands equally well was the future.

We have all seen this picture by Escher… I would be surprised if you had not seen it.

Why are we confined to left or right hand dominancy? Just imagine you are watching football and your favorite quarterback goes to throw the ball but then all of the sudden he switches hands and completely fakes his opponents out. I understand practicing and developing muscle memory is key, but why do we only use one dominant hand? Yeah it’s the easy route – but that is not the future… Just think how much longer a football or many other sport players career could be if they didn’t wear out there “good” arm. (You know like Switch Pitchers in Baseball – because they use both their arms their physiology does not get worn down as much as a pitcher that can only use one hand their whole career)

For instance Pat Venditte Click on his picture for more information :

Pat Venditte

Why not encourage youth to use both hands. It would be easier for them to pick up being ambidextrous when they are young if we encouraged it.

When you use your right hand you are actually using your left side of your brain. Schools used to force left handed students to write with their right… That leaves me with a big question mark. ā” As you can tell by now I am no sheep. I do not follow and I don’t lead. I like to observe and take in information that touches my heart.

I captured fall with this glass face

Last but not least this is an example of my out of the box thinking… You do realize that woman do not have to sit down to pee. In my opinion woman that sit down all the time to pee actually harm their physiology… There are many different ways to go to the bathroom. I encourage you for 1 or 2 days to try to come up with different ways to pee each time you go. You will be amazed how much better you feel. So that’s why I made this following picture. Give it a try (it’s out of the box) what is the worst thing that could happen – you laugh?

Let me hear what you think let’s have a discussion please comment below.

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